Astroboards: Your Centralized Business Command Center

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Astroboards, powered by CFO360, helps business owners analyze KPIs through real-time graphical data summarization. Astroboards integrates with a multitude of business softwares to generate real-time financial, operational, and marketing KPI’s.

What is Astroboards?

Make the process easier by compiling scattered data sources and out-of-date reports in a single place.

Astroboards’ real-time reports and graphs will help you make informed business decisions and implement streamlined management processes. See alerts and trends as they happen so you can pivot your business faster.

Astroboards are optimized for every device and browser, allowing you access to Astroboards from anywhere! The complete visibility and ease of readability of Astroboard reports will allow day-to-day business owners to identify their key business metrics like never before.

Why Astroboards?

Astroboards are built to merge departments, so that you can oversee your entire organization, and see more than your Xero dashboard allows for.

Astroboard functions include: sales management, financial KPIs, operations information, marketing information, human resources, and the ability to integrate with any business software.

  • Custom KPIs and Metrics
  • Detailed Insights
  • Access Anywhere
  • Real-Time Data
  • Unlimited Integrations

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