Bookkeeper360 strives to create an environment for their team that encourages deep accountable relationships with all clients, based on exceptional quality, and timely delivery of services.

What is Bookkeeper360?

Bookkeeper360 was founded in 2012 by Nicholas Pasquarosa and provided only bookkeeping to small to medium-sized businesses. Based on customer feedback of their growing base of clients, Nick continuously expanded the solutions offered by Bookkeeper360. With over 30 employees at their Woodbury, N.Y. open layout headquarters, Bookkeeper360 strives to provide industry best solutions.

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Differentiate with Cloud Technology

In 2012, cloud technology was not predominantly being used in business software - Bookkeeper360 differentiated and became a forerunner in the cloud-based technology realm. Since founding, Nick implemented Salesforce into the Bookkeeper360 business model and was the perfect match to ensure efficient workflow, data security, and scalability for the Bookkeeper360. By leveraging cloud technology, Bookkeeper360 has freed itself and clients from paper documents.

Core Values - Grow and Know Your Client

Know your client is a vital component of Bookkeeper360’s core values and business model. As part of the know your client focus, every Bookkeeper360 team member strives to learn their client’s business as if it is their own. Placing your client advisor in the mindset of your company will tailor solutions to your business and industry needs. By understanding client needs, Bookkeeper360 excels at consulting on client growth and company profitability.

Tailored Solutions

Bookkeeping has always been Bookkeeper360’s core competency and main focus. Nick quickly realized small to medium-sized businesses longed for much more assistance with their back office.

Bookkeeper360 now offers:

  • Full-Service Bookkeeping and Back Office - With the ability to reconcile your books as often as needed, custom solutions will be offered to make sure your books are more delightful to analyze than ever before.
  • Bill Pay - remit payment for all accounts payable that your company does business or is partnered with. - Invoice and Expense Management - Leave your accounts receivable and team expenses to us. Bookkeeper360 will handle your expenses and tracking while also keeping a record of your receivables.
  • Accounting - Bookkeeper360 will convert your books into the cloud on platforms such as Xero and Quickbooks Online. Keeping all your accounting in order along with your books will make for the least stressful tax season than ever before. While your bookkeeper will enter the daily transactions and manage the actual books, your accounting team will make sure your data is verified, prepare needed reports and financial documents.

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  • CFO360 - Taking into consideration bookkeeping, taxes, and accounting solutions offered at Bookkeeper360, in 2016, Bookkeeper360 launched CFO360. CFO360 is a virtual CFO assigned to your company without the same cost of a full-time in-house executive. The quality will remain the same, if not better, with your virtual CFO learning your business, applying technology, and making recommendations based on a complete financial analysis of your company.

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  • Dashboards & Technology Solutions - Bookkeeper360 has specialists dedicated to technology add-ons. Technology add-ons include many apps and services that connect together to increase efficiency, maximize your company offerings, and create the most effective workflow. Add-ons vary depending on your core business and can include Shopify for e-commerce platforms, merchant services for credit card processing, Google Analytics for marketing, and more. - Astroboards - Intuitive business dashboards built for growing companies. Access via mobile or web anytime, anywhere. We connect financial, operations, and marketing data into a centralized command center used to run your business. See data in a beautifully visual way to guide your business decisions.

HR Solutions Logo

  • Payroll & Human Resources - Human Resources is often a growing pain of many small and medium-sized companies. Finding the right team for your company growth will rely on a strong HR department. Bookkeeper360 offers virtual HR services which can execute essential tasks such as employee guidelines, job descriptions, enforcing company policies, and ensuring your business is adhering to all governmental rules and regulations. - Payroll - full-service payroll solutions geared towards saving your time and costs to the process.
  • On-Boarding & Migration - Leave the headache of converting your data, finances, inventory, and more to Bookkeeper360. Our team specializes in moving your company information into our preferred platforms in an efficient and accurate manner. We will learn your company goals and needs before putting together your set of Bookkeeper360 solutions.

Payments & Lending Logo

  • Payments & Lending - Meet or Beat. Always Simple. Getting tired of your payment processor? Bookkeeper360 has established partnerships to deliver value and savings to your company. With a focus on cost reduction and technology integrations, our merchant services will be the superior solution.

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  • Tax Preparation and Filing - Don’t head into tax season ever again without the Bookkeeper360 behind you. Bookkeeper360 will take your business from zero to filing with a clearly outlined plan for your firm to meet all deadlines. Plan ahead and have a stressless tax prep.

The Future

As Bookkeeper360 grows to over 30 full-time employees at their Woodbury, N.Y. headquarters, the team continues to keep to their core mission of assisting small-to-medium-sized businesses. Bookkeeper360 will be your partner in growth and profitability by helping you to focus on your own company’s mission.

Continued Focus

Bookkeeper360 will continue to invest in providing solutions that you didn’t even realize your company yet needed. We are a partnership driven company built around the needs of your business. Our client’s businesses are evolving and changing and so is Bookkeeper360. We are always investing in our technology to ensure the best value-driven solutions for our clients.