The day has arrived for all small businesses to leave their physical ledgers behind in way of the cloud.

Join us as we explore the pros of the bookkeeping future.

Bookkeeping has been around for centuries and unless you’re Christian Wolff from The Accountant, your small business most likely relies on some sort of physical ledger and manual entry system, to keep track of your business activities.

By utilizing Xero Cloud Accounting Software, you’ll access an ecosystem of 500+ killer apps including the likes of Expensify, Tsheets, Gusto, Hubdoc and to name a few. Your business will reap many benefits, in addition to the time saved, including:

  • Encrypted & online storage your financial data
  • Mobile and Remote access from absolutely anywhere
  • 100% Visibility and Audit Trail – view every action taken by those granted access to view/edit your books
  • Integrated Apps – seamlessly integrate your books with other platforms to manage Inventory, Invoicing and Collections, Document Management, Human Resources and much more

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Just to remind you of the current hassles you will no longer have when you’re in the cloud:

  • Lack of visibility of your company's performance
  • Multiple backups of bookkeeping data stored locally
  • Unorganized physical ledgers, copies of invoices, receipts, expenses, payroll stubs, tax documentation
  • Countless hours of time spent to manage your books
  • Lost or misplaced archived financial data

Learn more about the solution providers, and how you can make the seamless transition over to the technology of today, and future!

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