Delightful Accounting

The 2018 Winter Olympics have concluded and the sponsors of the event have sent the world a message. General Electric has emphasized, “Technology is how we do things, people are why we do things.” Toyota has created an entire campaign based on the underlying theme of “Mobility” through technology. Both companies are evolving to keep up with the fast changes in the industries they serve and the people who utilize their products.

Olympics Logo

In the past five years, the bookkeeping and accounting industry has experienced more innovation and technological advancements than in past decade. In 2018, Bookkeeper360 has set the goal to make bookkeeping and accounting delightful for small to medium-sized businesses.

A simple example of this evolution is viewed by internal title changes enacted within Bookkeeper360. Account Managers are now known as Client Advisors. The consultancy aspect of bookkeepers and accountants adds value to small to medium-sized businesses partnered with Bookkeeper360. Business owners are becoming better at financial analysis and decision making as a result of the continued education provided by Bookkeeper360 Advisors.

What exactly is delightful accounting?

Bookkeeper360 educates, advises, and processes client’s bookkeeping and accounting obligations in addition to other solutions. Through the use of technological platforms such as Astroboards and the Bookkeeper360 portal, clients are able to gain greater insight into their financial KPI’s and will be delighted with the clarity of the results.

The burden of manual entry, finding errors, evaluating margins, and more, found in traditional accounting will no longer be of issue. Companies who choose to evolve into the latest delightful accounting relationships with their bookkeepers and accountants will find great relief.

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The scare factor relationship formerly established with many small businesses and their bookkeeping and accounting partners should no longer exist. A proactive advisory should and can exist between a business owner and their financial partners to make the best business decision. These decisions relate to product pricing, tax processing, and keeping the business on track for growth and success.

Filing your businesses taxes with a delightful accountant will be a smooth and structured process. There will be no lost sleep, no mixed up documents, and no missed deadlines. With the proper planning and technology via your partnership with Bookkeeper360, your tax season will be absolutely delightful.

How can you experience delightful accounting?

Start by having a consultation call with a Bookkeeper360 team member to learn how your business can optimize financial operations for success. Engage further with the Bookkeeper360 team to make sure no financial data goes untouched. Learn about the best technologies being used to allow for the most efficient operations to be completed.