How Under30Experiences Streamlined Payroll


    Location: Austin, TX

    Industry: Travel Industry

    Number of employees: 8

    Give us a brief description of your offices and what a new team member can expect.

    Under30Experiences HQ is in a co-working space in Austin, Texas. We have an open floor plan, conference rooms, phone booths, and a dog-friendly backyard. Whenever we can have meetings or phone calls outside, we do!

    What are some of Under30Experiences accomplishments over the past few years?

    Under30Experiences was named #801 on the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Private Companies in America and #198 on The Financial Times FT1000 list of America’s Fastest Growing Companies.

    We’re thrilled to have built a community of travelers who want to join us on adventures in over twenty different countries.

    What is your company culture like and how many team members are on the Under30Experiences team?

    Get your stuff done and then go play! We have 20-30 more team members in different countries who aren’t on payroll who report virtually… nobody is looking over your shoulder! We are in the travel industry because we love the outdoors and love to travel. It is critical to trust each other and develop strong cross cultural relationships.

    How does your company use Gusto?

    We manage our payroll and all our benefits through Gusto, including for our US based independent contractors. From the very beginning of a team members time at Under30Experiences, they are on-boarded through Gusto where they can find our company policies and get off to a good start.

    Before using Gusto, how did you manage Payroll and what was that experience like?

    We were lucky enough to have brought on our first full-time employees via Gusto, so we’ve been part of the Gusto family from the beginning. Before Gusto we were always trying to keep track of people’s paychecks, 1099s, and contracts by hand which was a real mess.

    How has Gusto helped you as a business owner run and manage your business?

    We’re really thankful to have a cloud based system where our bookkeeping team and part-time CFO can login and take a look at things. With Gusto we are able to break out different salaries by department so we can see direct labor and indirect labor costs.

    How can someone learn more about your business?

    If people are interested in taking an international adventure with Under30Experiences they can check us out at and on Instagram @Under30Experiences.