Top 10 Ways to Create a Millennial-Friendly Environment

    1. Communal Candy Drawer 

    Millennials love their sweets! You can keep Millennials at your office happy with just a drawer stuffed with a great assortment of candy. Located at the Bookkeeper360’s kitchen, there is a candy stock available in one of the biggest drawers. Bookkeepers, Account Managers, Sales and Marketing employees can satisfy their sweet tooth throughout the day.

    Candy Drawer

    2. Open Office Space

    Create more room for activities! It is well-known Millennials strive to work in open office environments. So junk those old cubicles, move desks around and increase space for office fun! While office fun is great, it’s proven that open offices increase morale, boost productivity among teams, and increase innovative contributions within companies. Source: Harvard Business Review

    open office plan

    3. Dynamic Office Layout

    Everyone knows change is good, but did you know changing your office layout can lead to a more energized workspace? At Bookkeeper360, a fast growing Accounting and Bookkeeping firm it is vital we resign our office layout every year. In doing so, we ensure the best use of space for new Millennial hires joining the Bookkeeper360 team.

    bookkeeper360 office

    4. Internal Teams

    By building internal teams, you will create the opportunity for team building exercises and healthy competition. This keeps productivity fun for Millennials and the work days will fly by! Here at Bookkeeper360, we have created Xero add-on teams focused on specializing in the functionality and features of Xero add-ons like Expensify, Hubdoc, TSheets, and

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    5. Casual Clothing

    Keeping it casual in office will have your Millennials feeling comfortable and at home.  Most major companies have already done away with the traditional suits and have implemented T-Shirts and Jeans. Look at Facebook, Google, Zappos, and Xero. Think about the savings on dry cleaning costs too!

    Nick Pasquarosa with an ipad

    6. Holiday Decorations

    It’s wonderful to get into the Holiday spirit with your coworkers! Having an office that gathers together to make a winter wonderland really boosts morale! Getting spooky for Halloween, patriotic for 4th of July, and festive for Mardi Gras allows for everyone to get in the spirit to celebrate. Decorating brings out another side of teamwork in our office at Bookkeeper360. We learn our strengths and weaknesses as we waltz around the office decorating.

    Xero Ball Decoration

    7. Pizza Fridays

    Have you ever wanted a family dinner without actually having to deal with family? Stop on by at Bookkeeper360 because we always have a “family” lunch or breakfast on Friday’s! It’s a great addition to our staff meeting and allows for us to build a one-of-a-kind dynamic. Every Friday we order from a pizzeria on Long Island called Monaco’s Brick Oven Pizzeria and Restaurant.


    8. Company Wide Outings 

    Nothing celebrates the end of tax season more than a company outing! Whether it’s a visit to Long Island’s finest wineries or out to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Bookkeeper360 cherishes their employees by showing they care about our hard work and dedication. Nothing is better than positive reinforcement for Millennials.

    9. Tech Savvy Environment

    Who wouldn’t love being able to work on the go? Millennials have the added benefit of being extremely tech savvy. Even if we have to step outside for a few moments, our smartphones allow us to pick and go without ever skipping a beat. Working with Bookkeeper360has allowed us never to worry about computer malfunctions because we can always pick up where we left off with a flick of a finger. At Bookkeeper360 all employees are issued a Mac Mini which is the perfect piece of hardware to do this!


    10. Unlimited coffee and espresso

    Here at Bookkeeper360 we are huge fans of Nespresso!  Not only do we have an office Nespresso machine but we have two other coffee machines. We practically run on caffeine! This could be the reason why we have such a hands on and productive team of dedicated Accountants and Bookkeepers!