“We needed an accounting process that was cloud based and accessible.”


    Can you give a brief history of PolicyZip?

    My partner and I previously owned a few Internet companies that we started and sold, with one of them being in the insurance space. After that, we went to work and did acquisitions for a private equity firm.  This led us to raise our own fund called Plus 2 Capital with the idea that we would go out and buy some businesses. Eventually, after looking at a few different businesses in the insurance world, we decided to start our own. We started a company called Eligibility.com, which would act as a lead generator and sister company to PolicyZip. Founded in January 2016, PolicyZip is fairly new and was started after receiving some inbound interests for different types of insurance. We’re based in Kansas City, Missouri and our primary focus is on Life Insurance and Medicare. Being that insurance is an old school industry, most processes are rather slow. We have the vision to become a technology enabled insurance provider utilizing cloud-based software to ensure speed and ease of process. We want to create tools for people to get quotes and have a generally faster service in following up on their quotes and policies.

    "I wouldn’t bother looking anywhere else, I would just loop them into what we already have going withBookkeeper360."

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    What are some short term goals for you guys? And How big is the Policy Zip team?

    We have too many leads and not enough sales people so our main focus is to add people to our team.  Right now we are at 12 people but would like to grow to 20 by the end of the year and hopefully double that the following year.

    How did you guys stumble upon our service?

    We were aware of Xero before coming across Bookkeeper360.  We are always looking for cloud-based back office solutions such asZenefits, Gusto and other Xero add-ons. When we were doing acquisitions as Plus 2 Capital we acquired a business here in San Diego that was50-60years old and very old school in terms of their technology. This company was also doing manual bookkeeping so this made our jobs even more difficult.  We needed an accounting process that was cloud based, tech-enabled, easy and accessible. That is what drew us to Bookkeeper360.

    “We are always looking for cloud-based back office solutions such as Gusto and other Xero add-ons.”

    What was the most difficult part of your day before aligning with Bookkeeper360 and integrating our service in your business model?

    We were losing efficiency due to a slow process. As we grew, reconciling transactions, waiting for statements, or just simply having questions answered became a major pain point. We have worked with other accounting firms that sent us monthly financials but we wanted to continue to get something that was more tech-enabled and easily accessible.

    What are the most beneficial features of our service offerings?

    With bookkeeper360’s younger company culture and organizational focus on each of the individual accounts, we are able to spend our time running and growing the business. The simplicity of being able to leverage Xero and log in at any time is a key point in resolving our accounting related issues. Overall, accounting issues are out of sight and out of mind.

    Would you recommend our business to another business owner? And if so, why?

    Yes, definitely. Specifically for business owners who want speed and ease in their accounting and bookkeeping aspect of the business.

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