What is Biller Genie and How Can It Help Your Business?

At Bookkeeper360, we are constantly evaluating and testing new platforms, services, and solutions that can help small businesses work smarter, not harder. Most recently, we reviewed the invoicing and accounts receivable platform—Biller Genie. Our verdict? It’s an intuitive solution that we feel is a perfect fit for our audience and clients.

Through its innovative automated invoice messenger, Biller Genie helps businesses save time and improve cash flow while reducing administrative expenses and creating a more streamlined customer experience.

As a full-time automated accounting assistant, Biller Genie offers a wide range of benefits that supercharge your existing accounting software and make billing and invoicing a breeze and late payments a distant memory.

Biller Genie’s platform includes the following features:

Dashboard & Snapshot

When you log into Biller Genie, you’ll have a complete snapshot of your daily, monthly, and yearly sales. The dashboard also shows you an overview of important information such as outstanding invoices.

Credit Card & ACH Processing

Your customers will enjoy the convenience and flexibility of ACH, debit, and credit card payments, while you’ll enjoy Biller Genie’s low processing fees.

Automated Invoice Messenger

In many small business scenarios, a bookkeeper is brought in to help manage billing. While a bookkeeper can be an amazing asset to any business, they can only work a set number of hours each week and not every business can afford to bring on the extra help. Biller Genie solves for both of these issues by providing a cost-effective billing solution with automatic email reminders, follow-ups, and thank-yous.


Biller Genie makes it easy to create and send invoices directly from the platform, or integrate it with your favorite accounting software for seamless reconciliation. Pairing QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, or Xero to Biller Genie truly gives you the best of both worlds.

Late Fee Manager

Set parameters that will automatically alert customers when an invoice is late and any penalties or delinquencies on their account. This will ensure that a paper trail exists before you hit anyone with extra surcharges or fees—which Biller Genie also calculates and sends automatically.

Contact Exclusion

Sending late fees automatically can make your life as a business owner so much less stressful. But sometimes, when a client has an outstanding invoice and you’re still working to finish their project, you may not want to hit them with a late fee. When this is the case, Biller Genie allows you to exclude certain contacts from receiving an automated invoice follow-up, without turning off the feature altogether.

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Biller Genie is the perfect complement to Bookkeeper360 and can be easily added to your current engagement. Start taking advantage of these incredible features as soon as today, so you can spend more time growing your business and less time chasing invoices.

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