When to Hire a Bookkeeper

Your company’s sales are growing, you have hired a few employees with more on the horizon, your business plan is in motion, and your available time is being spread thin. It is time to review your company’s operating needs.

As an entrepreneur, you will find yourself hiring employees or certified advisors to start delegating tasks to. There will come apoint in your company’s growth that finding the time to handle your books will be challenging and inefficient. This will be the perfect time for you to weigh options to fulfill this new found need - the solution may be in an external bookkeeper.

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A professional bookkeeper does not need to be a full-time employee. These services are often best outsourced to firms who havestrategies in place to help a small to medium-sized business excel at what they do best, providing services and solutions to their clients.

As a business owner, it is counter-productive to focus on growing your business while handling the bookkeeping and accounting. Business owners are often quick to overlook the fact that tax planning and accurate bookkeeping become much more complicated as a company scales in size.

When is the right time to hire?

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Hiring a bookkeeper from the onset of your company’s operations will help create a perfect foundation for your operation to be built off of. Skip the experimentation phase of how to handle your books by bringing in a virtual bookkeeper to serve as an advisor and your company’s bookkeeper.

Having a bookkeeper on hand from the beginning will allow you to avoid foreseeable concerns  and maximize your company’s overall financial success.

Stay tuned for future blogs on how to hire a bookkeeper, and how and when to hire a CFO.