ZenPayroll is now Gusto

Today is a big day for the whole ZenPayroll community.

ZenPayroll is now Gusto.

When we founded the company in 2011, our core belief was that people are the most important part of every business. Four years later, we believe it even more strongly, as we’ve grown to serve tens of thousands of businesses across all 50 states.

We are on a mission to help businesses everywhere put employees first. Today, we’re taking another step towards accomplishing this mission by launching health benefits and workers’ compensation services that make employers’ lives easier, and enable employees to do the best work of their lives.

Our new name Gusto was inspired by our customers and their teams who show courage and passion in the work they do every day. When you work on something you care about, with people you enjoy spending time with, it’s an amazing feeling. That energy. That oomph. That’s Gusto. We believe everyone has the potential to feel this way at work.

Health benefits and workers’ compensation

Today, we are also launching two incredible new services: health benefits and workers’ comp. These services are fully integrated with payroll, which removes a tremendous amount of unnecessary manual effort for business owners. Most importantly, both employers and employees can now onboard and manage all forms of compensation in one modern product.

This is just the beginning. We exist to serve our customers. Helping them build great businesses and put their employees first is what motivates us every day. In the coming months and years, we’ll continue to add exciting ways to make employers’ and employees’ lives better. Stay tuned.

By Joshua Reeves

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