Case Study: Local Bookkeeper to Bookkeeper360 by Hubdoc

"I started as a local bookkeeper who traveled from client to client. I used to take statements and PDFs and manually input them. This would create huge delays in providing clients with financials.

Using Hubdoc, we're automating the process. It's freeing us up so we can spend more time with clients."

Who is Bookkeeper360?

They're a cloud-based bookkeeping solutions provider, specializing in financial reporting, payroll, software add-ons and tax. Bookkeeper360's mission is to help business owners be better through using financial technology.

They're a Xero Platinum Partner, a Hubdoc Top 50 Cloud Accountant and recently, won Xero's Bookkeeping Partner of the Year.

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Nick was a local bookkeeper who spent far too much time collecting and doing data entry of his clients' documents. This made it difficult to deliver up-to-date financials in a timely fashion. In particular, Nick envisioned a future where he wouldn't have to:

  • Travel from client to client and sell time instead of value
  • Continually ask clients for documents and manually do data entry
  • Experience huge delays in providing clients with up-to-date financials


Enter Bookkeeper360 and Nick's goal to make businesses and their owners smarter through technology. They rolled out Hubdoc firm-wide and it helped them to:

  • Retrieve client documents automatically as soon as they're available online
  • Spend more time with clients (and help them become better business owners!)
  • Reconcile clients' books in a timely fashion through Hubdoc's integrations with Xero and
  • Deliver up-to-date financials without delay and provide deep business insights

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