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Property Management Accounting: Providing accurate and timely financials so you can manage the properties with efficiency and profitability.

Investment Strategy and Analysis: Receive guidance on potential properties you are looking to invest in, determine ROI, and make data-driven decisions on acquisitions and sales.

Tax Planning and Consultation: Ensure your investments and income are optimized for tax benefits, making the most of deductions and incentives available to real estate professionals.

Cash Flow Analysis: Keep a pulse on your liquidity, ensuring you have the right funds for property maintenance, acquisitions, or managing property downturns.

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Why Choose Us?

Specialized Knowledge: Our team is well-versed with the real estate industry, enabling us to provide tailored solutions for every client.

Latest Technology Integration: We employ modern accounting software and integrate it seamlessly into your existing workflows.

Transparent Pricing: With clear pricing models, you always know what you're paying for, ensuring no hidden fees or unexpected costs.

Dedicated Account Managers: Each client receives a dedicated client advisor who understands their portfolio, ensuring consistent service and personalized attention.

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Personalized Real Estate Accounting

At Bookkeeper360, our specialized knowledge in the real estate sector sets us apart. We combine in-depth industry experience with a comprehensive understanding of regulatory intricacies, ensuring our clients remain abreast of property market trends and fully compliant with tax nuances. Our proficiency in property management software integration and financial forecasting tools guarantees that decision-making is data-driven and robust. From diverse property portfolios—spanning residential to commercial—to varied investment strategies, our team is continuously trained, ensuring we're always at the cutting edge of real estate financial expertise.

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  • Q: How does Bookkeeper360 handle property depreciation for tax purposes?

    A: We apply the latest tax regulations and guidelines to ensure that property depreciation is accurately calculated, optimizing tax savings for our clients.

  • Q: Can I integrate my current property management software with Bookkeeper360's services?

    A: Our team works closely with clients to integrate existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and continued operations.

  • Q: What kind of support can I expect for multi-property portfolios?

    A: We offer dedicated account managers specialized in handling multi-property portfolios, ensuring you get personalized and comprehensive support tailored to your needs.

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Real Estate Resource Hub

Purchase Accounting for Real Estate

At its core, Purchase Accounting is the method used to consolidate the financial statements of both the buyer and seller when a business transaction occurs. For real estate businesses, this means the accurate valuation and reporting of assets (like properties) and liabilities (like loans) during a merger or acquisition.

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Depreciation & Real Estate

Every property owner has heard of the term "depreciation." Yet, few truly grasp the depth of its financial implications, especially in the realm of taxes. Every property owner has heard of the term "depreciation." Yet, few truly grasp the depth of its financial implications, especially in the realm of taxes.

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Capital Gains and Losses in Real Estate

In the expansive world of real estate, a slight edge in understanding can save you significant money, especially when it comes to taxation. When buying and selling property, the differences between capital gains and losses can dramatically impact your tax return.

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