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Bookkeeper360 frees up a lot of our time to focus on what matters.

- Justin fromTumble

Tumble is an Omni-channel eCommerce seller focused on washable rugs, area rugs, runner rugs, and kitchen rugs.

Better Bookkeeping

Making decisions based on a “gut feeling” will only take you so far. As your eCommerce business grows, you need data to make informed decisions. With proper bookkeeping, you’ll get a better understanding of the financial health of your online store so you know where to invest next. Bookkeeper360 helps you understand:

  • Cashflow analysis
  • Return on marketing spend
  • Accurate cost of goods sold (COGS)
  • Profitability by product line
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We're Experts in eCommerce

Our expertise in eCommerce accounting is extensive - we've mastered the ins and outs of these platforms to provide you with optimal financial reporting.

Tax Preparation and Planning

Staying compliant with your tax obligations is one of the biggest challenges of running an eCommerce business. With accurate bookkeeping, you’ll know where you need to file and when. And Bookkeeper360 can also help you file and pay your sales tax obligations. Bookkeeper360 helps with:

  • Income tax filings
  • Sales tax registrations
  • Sales tax filings
  • Nexus determinations
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Plan for the Future

Maintaining just the right amount of inventory is essential to any eCommerce business. If you have too much inventory on hand, you risk running low on cash. If you don’t have enough, you could miss out on sales opportunities.

  • Monitor Inventory Levels
  • Streamlined Re-order Process
  • B2B Wholesale Expansion
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