New Opportunities

Bookkeeper360 offers a completely open office appealing to a millennial based staff. Founded in 2012 by Nick Pasquarosa, Bookkeeper360 has experienced an exponential growth phase for the past 5 years. As Bookkeeper360 has expanded beyond start-up it’s demand for talented professionals has become immense.

Gain Experience

Bookkeeper360 is currently establishing its roots in an up and coming industry. By joining the team you will find yourself growing with the company, gaining experience, and attaining responsibility. As you build an understanding of multiple industry verticles you will become a top earner within your profession.

Cloud Accounting

Bookkeeper360 is Xero’s top platinum partner which gives you the opportunity to work alongside professionals in the cloud accounting industry. By joining Bookkeeper360 you will become part of a group made up of forward-thinking, tech-savvy business professionals who are pioneering the cloud accounting industry for years to come.

Innovative Technology

Bookkeeper360’s business model thrives off of innovative technology which includes a vast array of professional applications. Bookkeeper360 offers its clients a professional back office management service through the utilization of professional applications. At Bookkeeper360 you will learn how to implement these various applications in a multitude of business scenarios.

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