Class Tracking in QuickBooks Online and Tracking Categories in Xero

Every business owner knows that accounting is the backbone of any successful venture. Yet, who said that it has to be tedious? With the advanced features offered byQuickBooks Online (QBO)andXero, you can transform your bookkeeping from a cumbersome task into a breeze! Ever heard about Class Tracking in QBO or Tracking Categories in Xero? No? Well, buckle up because we are about to dive deep into these powerful features and illustrate how they can be the game-changer in your small business solutions!

The What and Why: Class Tracking and Tracking Categories Decoded

In the world of bookkeeping, precision and clarity are paramount. Class Tracking in QBO and Tracking Categories in Xero are two features that streamline the accounting process by allowing you to categorize your income and expenses. They provide a granular view of your cash flow and reveal insightful data about the profitability of different segments of your business.

How to Leverage Class Tracking in QBO

Let's start with a story. Imagine "Starry Night Café", a small business that has two locations: one in bustling downtown and another in a quiet suburb. The owner, using QBO's class tracking feature, can keep an eye on the performance of each outlet separately. Here's how:

  • Enable Class Tracking in the settings
  • Assign a unique class for each location while entering transactions
  • Generate Profit and Loss by Class report

Suddenly, it becomes crystal clear which location is more profitable and where improvements are needed!

The Where and When: Xero's Tracking Categories in Action

Switching gears to Xero, let's consider "Tech Solutions," a tech startup offering different services like web development, app development, and digital marketing. The founder uses Xero's tracking categories to dissect the income and expenses associated with each service line. By doing so, she can pinpoint which service is driving their profitability and where more investment might be needed.


Q: When should I use Class Tracking or Tracking Categories?

A: Use Class Tracking in QBO and Tracking Categories in Xero when you want to analyze your income and expenses at a more detailed level. If your business has distinct departments, locations, or product lines, these features can be incredibly beneficial.

Q: Can I use these features for personal expenses?

A: While you can technically use them for personal expenses, they are ideally suited to track business-related income and expenses.

Navigating through the nuances of these features can be challenging. That's where we, at Bookkeeper360, can step in! Our U.S.-based experts, proficient in small business accounting, can help you get the most out of your QBO and Xero experience.

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