Nick Pasquarosa of Bookkeeper360: Interview at XeroCon San Francisco 2016

Andrea Silvers talks with our Founder and CEO, Nick Pasquarosa, at XeroCon San Francisco 2016.

"Bookkeeper360 is a cloud-based bookkeeping firm based out of Woodbury, NY with a team of about 25+ employees. We like to consider ourselves a technology firm that specializes in bookkeeping," Nick says as he gives a brief description of what his firm stands for. Nick founded Bookkeeper360 four years ago with the goal of assisting local small businesses with any and all of their bookkeeping needs.

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Nick first entered into the industry about 7 years ago as a self-established bookkeeper who was going from door-to-door to various local businesses in order to help them understand their back office processes with the assistance of technology. As a millennial, he saw the potential need for technology in such a fast-paced society, and realized he would be able to use his own advice as a business opportunity.

This led to the birth of Bookkeeper360 in 2012. Bookkeeper360 leverages Xero's accounting software in order to provide clients with the latest innovations in cloud-based technology to ensure the most accurate financial statements. Xero offers a variety of benefits to its clients, such as direct access to their financial statements, the function that allows the client to upload receipts so that they appear in the virtual space, and the ability for both accountant and client to edit the same document simultaneously in order to increase efficiency and allow small business owners to make smarter business decisions.

"When we partnered with Xero about 4-5 years ago, it was love at first sight."

Xero's accounting software allows Bookkeeper360 to offer its hundreds of clients an array of financial services. Some of these include things such as payroll, tax, and back office solutions.

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In addition to utilizing Xero's cloud-based platform, there are numerous add-on partners that Bookkeeper360 prefers to work with. Such add-on partners include Gusto, a payroll service option that syncs data directly to Xero in real time; Expensify, an expense reporting automation application that is available on-the-go; and T-Sheets, a convenient employee time tracking service provider. 

With the help of Xero and its add-on partners, Bookkeeper360 hopes to work directly with small business owners in order to help them incorporate technology into their business practices. We understand that there are many different facets that a business owner needs to address, and customize a solution based on those particular needs.