Top 5 E-Commerce Apps

The e-commerce industry is responsible for over $2 trillion in revenue each year worldwide. This $2 trillion benchmark exemplifies the growing need for e-commerce companies to be as optimized and focused than ever before. In order to be as efficient and profitable as possible, there are cloud applications essential to each business’s overall operations.

The Bookkeeper360 team has outlined the top applications e-commerce companies should be utilizing:

Xero Logo

What is Xero?

Xero is a cloud-based accounting platform specifically built with the small to medium-sized business owner in mind. If your books and records are not already in the cloud, 2018 is the year to transfer; your financial data can be converted from Excel spreadsheets, Quickbooks, and other platforms into Xero with the assistance of a Bookkeeper360 certified Xero advisor.

Why Xero?

Xero seamlessly integrates with your third-party e-commerce add-ons ranging from point of sale to inventory management. Transfer data easily and accurately from applications such as Square, Shopify, Vend, PayPal, Squarespace, A2X, and more. Xero currently has over 600+ integrations built out for the small to medium-sized business to consider.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is the all-inclusive e-commerce platform for online sales, sales management, and inventory management. Shopify is an easily customizable and configurable platform that will adapt to the type of e-commerce environment your business operates in.

Why Shopify?

Shopify has the ability to scale to the size of your business. Whether your firm sells one product or ten thousand, you can rest assured the Shopify platform will have you covered. With the ability to have physical POS integrations, thousands of store style themes, analytics, abandoned cart features, and robust customer data capabilities, Shopify will keep your business operating at maximum efficiency.

Google Analytics Logo

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free platform that offers web analytics to track and report on website traffic. There is a paid version for enterprise-sized clients, however, small and medium-sized businesses should be able to attain great value from the free platform.

Why Google Analytics?

Google Analytics should be a part of every e-commerce website, regardless of your size. With Google Analytics, you can easily create tracking codes that measure the success of every page and aspect of your site. Google Analytics allows you to make the most informed business decisions with full clarity. Use Google Analytics to learn about the traffic coming to specific product pages of your website and analyze how to improve traffic to pages that may be underperforming. Google analytics will help with your demand planning by providing a real-time view of traffic across your e-commerce site.

Who is Olark?

Olark provides the latest in live chat integration for your e-commerce website. With many integrations including Wordpress, Salesforce, Google Analytics, HubSpot, etc. your front-end customer support will be more informed than ever. Olark enables unlimited transcript search, current visitor site analytic information, customer support assignment, internal team management and permissions, and a customizable experience to best fit your business.

Why Olark?

Olark is an easy to use integration that has a thorough set of tools to assist your business in closing more sales. Offering a live chat solution to your customer base not only allows for a direct connection to consumers, it provides an instant solution to today’s demanding customers.

What is A2X?

If your e-commerce business sells on Amazon, A2X will automate your accounting, fees, cost of goods sold, and provide FBA inventory. A2X compiles your latest Amazon settlements and feeds them directly into your accounting platform.

Why A2X?

A2X has a direct connection to Quickbooks, Xero, and Amazon. A2X minimizes manual entry and limits possible errors, keeping your business optimized and geared for growth.

With hundreds of e-commerce applications designed with the business owner in mind, the above-highlighted applications will kickstart your business with the best technology available. Utilizing the five applications listed, your e-commerce company will experience the best in front-end customer experience and back-end staff organization.