What is Bill.com and How Can Businesses Benefit From It?

Bill.com is a tool that automates accounts payable and accounts receivable processes. Bill.com seamlessly integrates with Xero accounting software to make bill payments and approvals faster and easier. Bill.com acts as a central hub for all bills and invoices for businesses of all sizes.

Approve and pay bills on the go with Bill.com’s Android and IOS applications. Offering notifications and an easy to access the dashboard, Bill.com’s mobile application is great for detailed information about pending bills.

Integrate Bill.com with your business!

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Credit Card and ACH Processing Options

With payment processing options you can choose to accept payments via credit card only or ACH only. This will help you to configure a billing system more customized to your business.


You can choose to do all of your invoicing through Bill.com. After an innvoice is sent Bill.com makes the proper adjustments of the accounts receivable in Xero.

Approval process

Bill.com gives you the ability to configure multiple approvals on bills for checks and balances so the same person who codes the bills doesn’t pay the bill this ensures someone else in your organization monitors the bills.

Sorting Options

With Bill.com you have the option to sort bills and invoices by due date, vendor name, amount, or time pending in the queue.

Payment History Overview

View all of your past payments and bills on one platform. This will make it easy to find any of accounting issues in your accounts receivables or accounts payable.

Secure information

Bill.com can serve as third party bank. Bill.com sends a check from a specified account. Then a new bank account is made with a new routing number. The new bank account acts as a mask that way your businesses account information remains secure

Payment Adjustment and Flexibility

Gives you the ability to make adjustments to payment amount, bank accounts to pay from and the payment process date. You can also schedule payments by amount and date for partial payments

Complete audit trail

This feature helps you to know who submitted which payments and who paid which bills within your organization.

Multiple Organization Options

Owning multiple businesses doesn’t have to be a hassle. Easily switch between your business accounts on one platform with the same login.

Passcode Authentication

With Bill.com’s passcode authentication feature your bills and invoices will be kept secure. Additionally, Bill.com’s passcode authentication ensures to authenticate anyone accessing your account.

Integrate Bill.com with your business!

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